Source of compressed air pollution in PSA oxygen and nitrogen systems

Source of compressed air pollution in PSA oxygen and nitrogen systems.png1) Contaminants that are inhaled by an air compressor or the like from outside the system. These contaminants can be drawn into the pneumatic system through the air compressor. The suction port of the air compressor is usually equipped with a filter, but dust below 2~5μm will be sucked into the air compressor. Especially in the heavy chemical industry, pollutants such as SO2 and H25 will be inhaled by the air compressor. After compression, the solubility will increase by about 8 times, which will cause corrosion to the downstream pneumatic components. Even when the machine shut down, external pollutants still can enter the system from the exhaust port of the valve.


2) Contaminant water will be generated from the pollutants generated inside the system, such as humid air being compressed and cooled; the compressor oil will become tar-like substance at high temperature; rust will be generated inside the pipe; Metal powder and rubber fines; fines of seals and filter materials, etc.


3) Contaminants generated during system installation and maintenance, such as thread burrs, burrs, yarn ends, welding scale, foundry sand, and sealing material fragments that have not been removed during maintenance.

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