Severe consequences of poor quality of compressed air in PSA oxygen and nitrogen systems.

QQ截图20190911182612.pngPoor air quality is the most important factor in the failure of the PSA oxygen production system. It will greatly reduce the reliability and service life of the system, and the losses caused by it will greatly exceed the cost and maintenance cost of the gas source treatment unit. Therefore, it is very important to properly select the air treatment system and its components.

The compressed air from the air compressor contains a large amount of pollutants such as moisture, oil and dust, which must be properly removed to prevent them from harming the normal operation of the pneumatic system. The viscosity of the deteriorated oil increases, and gradually solidifies from the liquid to form a tar-like substance. It will deteriorate and age rubber and plastic materials; The tar-like substances accumulated in the after-cooler and dryer will reduce its working efficiency; block small holes and affect component performance; cause movement of relative moving parts in pressure-bearing components not smoothly ; the water content of the tar-like substance is acidic, which can rust the metal, pollute the environment and the product. Moisture can cause corrosion and rust in pipes and metal parts, causing spring failure or breakage; in cold regions and high-speed flow areas in components, because the low temperature is too low, water will freeze, causing poor component operation, freezing of pipes; Condensed water trapped in pipes and components can cause insufficient flow, increased pressure loss, and even malfunction of the valve; condensed water into the lubricating oil will degrade the lubricating oil; liquid water will wash away the grease, resulting in poor lubrication. . Rust and dust will cause the relative moving parts to be worn, causing the components to malfunction or even get stuck; the dust will accelerate the clogging of the filter element and increase the flow resistance ; the dust will accelerate the damage of the seal and cause air leakage. Liquid oil water and dust are discharged from the exhaust port, which will pollute the environment and affect product quality.

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