What factors will affect the running cycle of PSA oxygen & nitrogen generation equipment

When we design the air separation oxygen & nitrogen generation equipment, the accumulation of trace carbon dioxide after entering the air oxygen & nitrogen adsorption tower will be considered, because carbon dioxide will block the micropores of molecular sieve and make it unable to continue the adsorption work.

Generally, the oxygen & nitrogen generator could run continuously under low pressure for more than 1 year. However, in practical work, it is often less than one year that the oxygen & nitrogen generator needs to be shut down for routine maintenance. Most of the reasons are mechanical faults or system faults outside the oxygen & nitrogen generator, such as the damage of air compressor, forced valve and automatic valve, pipeline fracture and other problems.

In addition, the quality of heating and purging of oxygen & nitrogen generator before start, the level of operation during startup and normal operation, and the air load will affect the operation cycle of the machine also.

Therefore, CAN GAS suggests that learn more about the working and operation status of each link of the system, grasp and understand the practical problems or difficulties in the operation of the system, overcome and solve the adverse factors in each link, manage and maintain it carefully, and prolong the operation cycle of the oxygen & nitrogen making equipment. It is positive for reducing maintenance frequency, saving money and improving output.


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