Advantages of VPSA oxygen generator in the application of papermaking enterprises

At present, the domestic paper industry has entered a period of rapid growth, but at the same time, papermaking is also a light industry with large water consumption and serious pollution. To solve the pollution of the paper industry to the environment, a technology called oxygen bleaching is needed, which can effectively save the consumption of other chemicals, improve the pulp yield, and reduce the BOD, COD chromaticity and total organic matter in the bleaching wastewater. The chlorine content can reduce the pollution of pulp bleaching wastewater to the environment.

Speaking of oxygen bleaching, it has been widely used in China as early as the 1990s. In the early days, papermaking enterprises mostly chose small air separation and cryogenic equipment as the oxygen source, but the disadvantages are high investment, high energy consumption, and difficult maintenance. Although the characteristics of cryogenic equipment are that the larger the scale of oxygen consumption and the lower the energy consumption, the oxygen consumption scale of paper mills is limited. Generally speaking, cryogenic equipment only solves the problem of oxygen consumption, but fails to solve the problem of cost and ease of use.

With the development of air separation technology, VPSA vacuum pressure swing adsorption technology has begun to be recognized by more and more papermaking enterprises. The characteristic of this technology is that the purity of oxygen produced fully meets the requirements of pulp bleaching companies, and the energy consumption is only 1/3 of that of cryogenic air separation;

In addition, VPSA oxygen generation equipment can be widely promoted because it has the following characteristics:

1. The VPSA oxygen generator has a simple process, reliable quality and stable operation

2. The requirements for the workshop are not high, and there is no need for large infrastructure costs

3. Fully automatic operation, easy to operate, easy to start and stop;

4. The equipment has low energy consumption, low maintenance cost and low operating cost.

5. Low system noise, green and environmental protection

It is precisely because of the above-mentioned advantages that VPSA oxygen generators have been chosen by more and more enterprises. As an important auxiliary equipment in environmental protection, VPSA oxygen generators are winning more and more with its reliability, stability, low threshold and low maintenance. favored by paper manufacturers.


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