Requirements for marking, packaging, transportation and storage of oxygen supply systems in medical centers

In China's pharmaceutical industry standards, there are clear requirements for the marking, packaging, transportation and storage of the medical center oxygen supply system, as follows.

1. In the central oxygen supply station, there should be a fixed nameplate with the following markings on the nameplate.

a. Product name;

b. The name and address of the manufacturer;

c. Factory serial number;

d. Date of manufacture;

e. This standard number.

2. The pipes of the central oxygen supply system near the joints, valves and parallel to other pipelines should be painted with a white color paint mark circle, and the length of the color paint circle is 20 mm.

3. The central oxygen supply system should be accompanied by the product inspection certificate, operation, safe use rules and maintenance procedures, random spare parts and equipment parts list and other relevant documents, which should be put into plastic bags and delivered with the product.

The supporting equipment should be separately attached with relevant documents such as inspection certificate, instruction manual and packing list. During transportation and storage, it should be wrapped in plastic bags and fixed in the packing box, and delivered with the product after installation.

The inspection certificate shall have the following markings:

a. The name and address of the manufacturer;

b. Product name, model and serial number;

c. The main performance indicators of the product;

d. Inspector code;

e. Date of inspection.

4. The supporting equipment of the central oxygen supply system is packaged in wooden boxes (or cartons) respectively. The packaging boxes should be firm and have rain and moisture-proof measures to ensure that the products are not damaged by nature. The equipment pipeline interface must be sealed to prevent impurities and dirt from entering.

There should be the following labels on the packing box:

a. The name and address of the manufacturer,

b. Product name,

c.Net weight, gross weight;

d.Volume (length X width X height);

e.Date of manufacture;

f.Words or signs such as "handle with care", "upward" and "moisture-proof" shall comply with the relevant provisions of GB191.

5. The packaged equipment should be stored in a room with relative humidity not exceeding 80%, no corrosive gas and good ventilation.


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