How to choose the oxygen generator for highland area

The higher the altitude, the lower the oxygen content; the low oxygen level will cause physical discomfort. Generally speaking, the altitud 2700m is a critical point, because people are more likely to have altitude reaction above 2700m, so the demand for oxygen enrichment over this altitude is also quite popular.

It is necessary for the manufacturer to have properly technical capacity to equip appropriate oxygen making equipment in plateau areas. Oxygen generator makers may not be able to provide a good solution to meet the needs of users without experience for products used in plateau.

Here, let's talk about the realization principle of oxygen enrichment at high altitude. The so-called plateau oxygen enrichment project is to realize the oxygen partial pressure in the low altitude environment by increasing the oxygen concentration in the ambient air; We can approximate that for every 1% increase in oxygen concentration in the air, the altitude will decrease by 300~350 meters. The higher the concentration of oxygen, the closer to the partial pressure of oxygen at sea level. 

Of course, it does not mean the higher the oxygen concentration, the better. The appropriate range is 23% - 26%. Too high oxygen concentration will lead to too large difference between indoor and outdoor oxygen partial pressure, which will bring uncomfortable experience to people, and will also bring hidden dangers of fire safety and unnecessary waste of oxygen gas.

In addition, the actual situation of the oxygen gas usage pattern should also be considered. Here, there are three types mainly: the first one is for the people who rush to the plateau / the environment with high exercise intensity such as sports activities; the second is for the people who live in the plateau for a short time / rest / recovery in the dormitory; and the last is for the people who live in the plateau for a long time and work in the environment. Different people need different levels of oxygen concentration.

About the installation of equipment, the low temperature environment in plateau areas and the impact of strong ultraviolet rays on the equipment shall be taken into account. For example, the pipe material, the cold resistant material shall be selected.

In short, CAN GAS believes that the selection of oxygen generators in high-altitude areas requires the consideration following factors; (1) Altitude (2) oxygen enrichment environment volume (3) oxygen level in room (4) room tightness (5) opening frequency of door and window (6) establishment time of oxygen enrichment

(7) oxygen supply flow rate (8) personnel oxygen consumption

After fully understanding the altitude and the oxygen concentration required from users, calculating the capacity of the oxygen generator unit, getting a reasonable configuration solution, which can ensure long-term and stable oxygen enrichment effect.


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