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Why there is equalization process in PSA units?

The pressure equalization of PSA nitrogen or oxygen production equipment is mainly for the rapid increase of nitrogen or oxygen purity. At the same time, the design of pressure equalization process improves the utilization rate of carbon/zeolite molecular sieve, and the design of pressure equalization process enables continuously production of qualified nitrogen or oxygen in the process of switching between two adsorption towers. 


Why install the buffer tank?

Air Buffer tank function: keep the feeding air pressure stable, the two nitrogen/oxygen generator adsorption towers switches once every minute, and the boosting time per switching is only 1~2 seconds, which means that the instantaneous gas consumption is very large, if there is no air tank with buffering effect, the compressed air directly enters the nitrogen/oxygen generator, the air cleaning system in the front stage of the nitrogen/oxygen generator can not process a large amount of compressed air in an instant, so that a large amount of compressed air containing water and oil directly enters the nitrogen/oxygen generator, which inevitably makes the molecular sieve poisoned, shortening the service life of molecular sieves, reducing gas production rate and increasing cost.


Nitrogen buffer tanks will give backflow of nitrogen to the adsorption tower to be operated at the beginning of the nitrogen production process - adsorption. On the one hand, the consumption of compressed air can be reduced, and on the other hand, nitrogen can be quickly obtained to meet the purity requirements. 


What maintenance must be done for the stable operation of CAN GAS PSA nitrogen or oxygen generator?

In order to ensure long-term stable and reliable operation of the nitrogen or oxygen generator system equipment, some routine maintenance work must be done. The main ones include: whether the solenoid valve works normally; whether the pipelines and pipe fittings of the system are damaged or leaked; whether the electrical control part of the system is securely connected, whether the electrical components are normal.


Who would benefit from using CAN GAS PSA gas generators?

CAN GAS PSA generators suit gas users who have a fairly steady usage of gas. CAN GAS systems provide a steady output of gas at a given flow and pressure. PSA systems will provide the gas where and when you need and are on standby mode when the gas is not required. Exactly based on customers’ requirements. In some cases, it is desirable to save a surplus supply of gas for use in times of peak demand. You can generate your own gas when and where you need and it can save more significantly than purchasing gas.


Are PSA gas generators environment friendly and safe to use?

The on-site PSA gas generator systems are eco-friendly as one can save a lot on transportation of purchasing cylinder gases and unnecessary green-house gas emissions. With on-site PSA gas generator systems you can make your own gas anytime whenever there is a need, this no need to store large quantities of high pressure cylinders and hazardous gas and moreover handling of high pressure cylinders is eliminated.


What is the maintenance cost/service cost of CAN GAS PSA nitrogen or oxygen generators?

CAN GAS PSA N2/O2 generators require negligible or little maintenance. The major maintenance is required by air compressor and this can be serviced locally anywhere. Filter elements need to be replaced based on maintenance schedule. Please contact CAN GAS service department for spare parts and maintenance.


Where CAN GAS PSA gas generators can be used?

CAN GAS PSA gas generators can be used in wide range of applications mainly in aquaculture, medical oxygen in hospitals, modified atmosphere storage, inerting, blanketing, purging, tire filling & manufacture, food and beverage, gold mining, coal mines, ozone production for waste water treatment, marine, laser cutting, electronics, laboratories, electronics, fish farming industries, aviation, outdoor sports, antique protection, underwater filming, cylinder refilling, etc. Contact us to learn how you can benefit from CAN GAS oxygen/nitrogen PSA systems.


What are the payment terms of CAN GAS?

30% downpayment and 70% balance before delivery. Letter of credit (L/C) is also workable.


Why CAN GAS uses Activated Carbon Filter while competitors don’t?

Medical oxygen is considered as drug. While nitrogen used in food industry is additive. Keeping these in mind, CAN GAS adopts Activated Carbon Filter in PSA systems to provide extra filtration and even to remove any odor or any other contamination especially for users from medical services and food industry.


What is the influence of ambient conditions at the place of installation?

Ambient conditions at the place of installation are very important on the performance of a PSA system.

Temperature: has a significant impact on compressor and dryer performance. The ambient condition of inlet air to the air compressor affects the net weight of the final delivered compressed air to the system. Increases in ambient air temperature reduce the efficiency of air compressors and air dryers. Proper ventilation and ducting of the “compressor room” is required to maintain inlet air temperatures within design specifications. Design working temperatures shall be maintained if the compressors/dryers/boosters are air cooled.

Altitude: Altitude increases, the weight of the atmosphere will be less, resulting in less oxygen or nitrogen in the air for air separation, then compressor will need more power to pump same amount of air as that in flat areas. If you are high in altitude, then you need to oversize the compressor.

Humidity: Humidity affect is not as dramatic as rise in altitude or temperature. However, extremes need to be taken care of and proper measures shall be taken out.