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What are the main benefits of PSA oxygen systems compared with liquid oxygen/nitrogen?

CAN GAS PSA systems help you save money on your oxygen/nitrogen gas costs and allow you to produce gas on-site. Simple and cost effective from a supply of compressed air, it helps you avoid rental charges, transportation expenses or limitations, labour costs and so on.


Do CAN GAS PSA systems have the problem of evaporation lost like in cryogenic/liquid oxygen and nitrogen plants?

No, with CAN GAS systems you will produce gaseous oxygen or nitrogen at once to users and no need to store it in cylinders like LOX cylinders where liquid N2/O2 of up to 5% of tank volume is evaporated.


What is the standard product pressure by CAN GAS PSA systems?

0~6.5bar for nitrogen and 0~5bar for oxygen. Higher pressures are customizable by boosters.


Can CAN GAS systems be installed in containers /skid/ frames etc.?

Containerized, skid-mounted, framework type, box-type, truck mounted , trailer mounted are all available.


How much energy is consumed to run CAN GAS PSA N2/O2 Generators?

The power consumption of CAN GAS PSA generator itself is very negligible (0.1 kW for control unit). Major power consumer in the PSA N2/O2 systems air compressor.


Can I use oil free compressor or ordinary compressor for CAN GAS PSA systems?

All oil free compressors are extremely more expensive compared with oil injected ones, but as long as the feeding air quality requirements are met, both oil injected or oil free will work.


Do CAN GAS systems need special site preparation for installation?

CAN GAS systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. If you place the unit outdoors, it has to be covered by a shed or shelter. Rain protection is a must! If you place it indoor, you need proper air circulation/ventilation for compressor and dryer cooling as well as air intake and exhaust for both. There is no special floor requirement and they can be placed on shop floor directly.


What is the life span of Molecular sieves used in CAN GAS PSA systems?

Min. life span of the molecular sieve is 5~8 years for ZMS (zeolite molecular sieve for oxygen production) and  6~10 years for CMS (carbon molecular sieve for nitrogen production) under standard working conditions and scheduled maintenance for all parts. The feeding air quality is most important for the performance of molecular sieves. With good maintenance, one of CAN GAS PSA Plant in Bangladesh has been running well for over 13 years without any replacement of molecular sieves. 


Do I require >99% pure oxygen for medical use?

Medical Oxygen Purity Requirements according to U.S. Pharmacopeia and European Pharmacopeia is 93±3%, according to British Pharmacopeia it is 94%. CanGas®  PSA oxygen generators meet these requirements for use in medical application. Liquid oxygen (LOX) at 99% oxygen purity may have some advantages for metal cutting, but not necessarily for medical applications. Some local authorities require 99% purity oxygen due to old regulations and ordinances.


However, with the acceptance of international specifications from CSA (Canada) and ISO 10083 (European) these older specifications are being revised to 93%. There have been powerful competitive interests that have lobbied local authorities to maintain a 99% medical oxygen purity standard to prevent the introduction of less expensive alternatives like PSA oxygen generators.


Of course, CAN GAS provides 99+% PSA Oxygen generators for customer at demand.


Are CAN GAS systems fully automatic?

Optionally they could be fully automated with unattended operation and remote control.