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Why there is equalization process in PSA units?

The pressure equalization of PSA nitrogen or oxygen production equipment is mainly for the rapid increase of nitrogen or oxygen purity. At the same time, the design of pressure equalization process improves the utilization rate of carbon/zeolite molecular sieve, and the design of pressure equalization process enables continuously production of qualified nitrogen or oxygen in the process of switching between two adsorption towers. 


Why the adsorption pressure of the nitrogen generator is gradually reduced?

Air compressors have a reduced displacement due to long-term use. Need to increase the pressure to the nitrogen generator: see whether there is blockage before and after the pre-filters, air dryer, etc., check the cause of congestion; whether the air inlet pressure regulating valve is open or adjusted; valve leaks. Check the operation of the valves one by one, check the leaking part.


Introduction to three types of nitrogen/oxygen generators

Cryogenic air separation nitrogen/oxygen is a traditional nitrogen production method that has been developed in recent decades. It uses air as a raw material, compresses and purifies it, and then uses heat exchange to liquefy the air into liquid air. Liquid air is mainly a mixture of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. The boiling point of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen is different (-183℃& -196℃). Let them separate to obtain nitrogen. The cryogenic air separation nitrogen/oxygen production equipment is complex, covers a large area, has high capital construction costs, has a large investment in equipment, high operating cost, slow gas production (12 to 24 hours) after startup, high installation requirements and long cycle. Comprehensive equipment, installation and infrastructure factors, equipment below 3,500Nm3/h, the investment scale of PSA units of the same specifications is 20% to 50% lower than that of cryogenic air separation units. The cryogenic air separation nitrogen/oxygen plant is suitable for large-scale industrial N2/O2 production, while for medium and small scale N2/O2 production it is uneconomical.


In molecular sieve air separation nitrogen/oxygen systems, air as raw material, carbon/zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent, using the principle of pressure swing adsorption, adopting carbon/zeolite molecular sieve’s selective adsorption of oxygen and nitrogen to separate nitrogen and oxygen, commonly known as PSA N2/O2. This method is a new nitrogen/oxygen-producing technology that was rapidly developed in the 1970s. Compared with the traditional nitrogen/oxygen production method, it has simple process flow, high automation, fast gas production (15 to 30 minutes after startup), low energy consumption, product purity can be adjusted according to user needs in a wide range, easy operation and maintenance, operation low cost and strong adaptability of the device, so it is competitive in nitrogen/oxygen production equipment below 1,000Nm3/h. It is more and more popular among small and medium-sized nitrogen/oxygen users. PSA nitrogen/oxygen has become the first choice for medium and small nitrogen/oxygen users.


Membrane air separation nitrogen/oxygen, air as raw material, under different pressure conditions, different properties of oxygen and nitrogen gas in the membrane with different permeation rates to separate oxygen and nitrogen. Compared with other nitrogen/oxygen-making equipment, it has the advantages of simpler structure, smaller volume, no switching valve, less maintenance, faster gas production (≤3 minutes after startup), convenient capacity increase, etc. It is especially suitable for nitrogen purity ≤ 98% of medium and small nitrogen users with the best price/performance ratio. When the purity of nitrogen is above 98%, it is 15+% higher than the PSA nitrogen generator of the same specification in capital, operation and maintenance costs.


How does nitrogen improve the oil production ratio in oil field industry?

Under certain conditions, relying on the gravity differentiation of the oil, the nitrogen gas enters the oil wet crack that cannot be entered by the injected water, and the residual oil is displaced. It relies on the gravity separation of the oil field to replace the residual oil trapped in the fracture hole by gravity. The injected nitrogen is dissolved in the crude oil to expand the volume of the crude oil, and the oil drainage effect reduces the residual oil saturation of the formation under the ground separation condition. It is to change the direction of fluid flow and displace the residual oil in the fracture channel. It is based on the differentiation of oil and gas gravity, and to push out the remaining oil that the injected water in the upper part of the mining structure fails to reach.


What influence does oil and water in the air have on the carbon/zeolite molecular sieve of PSA nitrogen/oxygen generator?

Since the air contains a certain amount of water and oil vapor, after passing through the compressor, if it is not subjected to strict air purification treatment, the oil vapor is easily adsorbed by the carbon/zeolite molecular sieve, and it is difficult to release, and the pore size of the carbon/zeolite molecular sieve in the nitrogen/oxygen generator is filled, resulting in bad performance of nitrogen/oxygen generator. Carbon/zeolite molecular sieve which is poisoned is damaged & invalid, and can’t be regenerated. Therefore, it is an essential to ensure the service life of the carbon/zeolite molecular sieve of the nitrogen/oxygen generator before the compressed air enters the adsorption tower of the nitrogen/oxygen generator. Although the water is not fatal to the nitrogen molecular sieve of the nitrogen generator, it will increase the adsorption “load” of the carbon molecular sieve of the nitrogen generator, which affects the ability of the nitrogen generator to adsorb O2 and CO2.


What is the working principle of food nitrogen generators, and what are the characteristics?

The main application of food nitrogen generators is in food packaging. The working principle of PSA nitrogen generator is based on pressure swing adsorption, which uses air as raw material and automatically controls by PLC to continuously produce nitrogen. In general, 15 to 30 minutes, high purity nitrogen can be produced. While product nitrogen is filtered by dust, odor and bacteria filters to meet food-grade hygiene protection requirements.


What safety issues should the operator pay attention to when contacting nitrogen?

Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, odorless inert gas and can't support life while it is not harmful to the human body itself though, but when the nitrogen content in the air is increased, the oxygen content is respectively reduced, making it difficult for people to breathe. If pure nitrogen is inhaled, it will suffocate and cause death due to severe hypoxia. In order to avoid an increase of nitrogen content in the air in the nitrogen generator workshop, the nitrogen produced from the air separation plant shall not be discharged indoors. When repairing nitrogen-filled equipment, containers and pipes, it is necessary to release it to air first, and allow the operation after the oxygen content is sufficient for human. During the overhaul, one should be supervised and the nitrogen valve should be carefully guarded to prevent personal accidents from being accidentally exposed to high purity nitrogen.


What is the role of PSA nitrogen generators in the wine industry?

The application of PSA nitrogen generators in various industries is more and more extensive. Small scale nitrogen generators gives users simple introduction to the role played by nitrogen generators in the wine industry.


No effect on wine: Nitrogen produced by onsite PSA nitrogen generators is odorless, tasteless, colorless, has no effect on beer taste; can be mixed with CO2. When the recovered CO2 is not enough, it can be mixed with nitrogen and CO2, which is more economical than CO2 alone.


Nitrogen significantly changes the performance of beer foam: Nitrogen is dissolved in the beer, releasing very fine bubbles, making the beer foam more delicate, long-lasting, hanging cup; not reacting with lye: preparing the sake tank with nitrogen, by features of nitrogen and lye, the reaction is washed with an alkali solution when washing the tank, which not only improves the utilization of alkali but also avoids formation of a vacuum in the tank.


Easy to use: Nitrogen generators is not restricted by the fermentation of wine, and has the advantages of simple operation, quick start, and ready to use at any time. Generally, the nitrogen generator produces qualified nitrogen in 20 minutes after startup; the cost is lower: Nitrogen uses air as raw material, and nitrogen is separated from the air by the adsorption nitrogen generator, which has the characteristics of low investment and low operating cost.


CAN GAS After-sales Service & Technical Support

CAN GAS pays great attention all the time to customer care and gives customers 7*24 all round comprehensive services including pre-sales and after-sales. Beside the routine check with users according to the list of customers built in CAN GAS database by CAN GAS engineers and international service network through site check, phonecall, fax and Email, CAN GAS provides the services listed below at customers’ choice and request.


Remote instruction service by internet, email, phone call, video call, voice call

About manuals, settings, preparations for installation/erection/pre-commissioning, commissioning, startup, operation, maintenance, overhaul, calibration, troubleshooting, reprogramming, even changing original design, in short, all kinds of issues, problems or questions that the user may have.

Onsite service

According to customers’ official request, CAN GAS would provide the onsite service at reasonable charge, which includes installation & erection guidance, commissioning and startup, maintenance, training, and troubleshooting, etc. This involves in-warranty and out-of-warranty services.

ü Free training services in CAN GAS factory or facilities inside China

For each order, CAN GAS provides 6 days of factory training free of charge for all customers.