CanGas® Nitrogen Generator with Cylinder Filling System

CanGas® Nitrogen Generator with Cylinder Filling System 95%~99.9999%

With the CanGas® nitrogen cylinder filling station, the product gaseous nitrogen from CanGas® Onsite PSA Nitrogen Generator Packages can be easily & directly refilled into all kinds of nitrogen cylinders with filling pressure of up to 50MPa (7,250psi), and it can be simply incorporated into any nitrogen generator system. CAN GAS offers a convenient and reliable way to fill your own nitrogen. cylinders for a fraction of the cost of bottled-gas purchase and delivery.  Nitrogen purity from 95% to 99.9999% are all available. Give us the target filling pressure and nitrogen cylinder volume, as well as how many cylinders you want to fill in the basis of per hour, you will get a complete solution with compact and unique design. For more information, please contact CAN GAS regional sales manger.  

Key Features of CanGas® CFS N2 Generation & Bottle Refilling System

  • Available nitrogen purity: 95% to 99.9999% (non oxygen content)

  • Nitrogen refilling pressure: standard model is with 150Bar, higher pressure up to 500Bar is customizable

  • Cylinder refilling speed: 0.5 to 100 cylinders per hour (40L@150Bar), higher speed is customizable

  • Nitrogen booster type: both piston and diaphragm types are available

  • 25 years manufacture experience in air separation field

  • Time-proven PSA nitrogen production technology

  • Small footprint, easy installation & operation

  • Smart & full automatic control, stand alone running

  • Durable, dependable, reliable and remarkable

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