CanGas VPSA Oxygen Generator CAVO 90%

CanGas CAVO series O2 generator using advanced Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology, has excellent performance in unit power consumption, and very high running stability and reliability. They are widely used in water treatment, non-ferrous metallurgy, paper-making, oxygen-rich combustion and so on.

The filtered air is delivered to the adsorption vessel of VPSA O2 system by a blower, after adsorption, equalization and other procedures, product O2 can be made. At the same time, N2, CO and water vapor in the air are adsorbed by the adsorbent, when the adsorption saturated, a vacuum pump will work to start desorption to regenerate the adsorbent in the vessel.

Normally, the VPSA system is a double-vessel unit, which makes oxygen continuously by cycling the same process.

Key Features of CanGas® CAVO series onsite VPSA oxygen generators

  • Low power consumption,Lower than 0.35KWh to produce 1 m3 of O2

  • Stable and reliable,Time-proven VPSA technology, fewer moving parts. The systems are manufactured and tested at CAN GAS ISO9001, ISO45001/14001 certificated factory

  • Less civil work, easy installation,For some models, standard modulars are available

  • International standards process design,CE certificate and PED directives, ASME rating and U stamp, GB standard

  • Experienced global engineering and service team,More than 20 years experience in serving CAN GAS users around the world

Models & Specifications


Design conditions:

Atmospheric pressure: 101.325 Kpa

Ambient temperature: 21 °C

Relative humidity: 80%

The listed power consumption is converted to unit power consumption based on 100% Pure oxygen generation.

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