CAPO PSA Oxygen Generator 93±3%

CanGas® CAPO PSA Oxygen Generator adopts Pressure Swing Adsorption technology to produce oxygen from compressed air. The CAPO series is a robust and stable on-site Oxygen generation system, and a very cost-effective, reliable source of oxygen supply applied in various industries such as hospitals, laboratory, bulb blower, steel industry, powder metallurgy, paper pulp, aquiculture, golden mine, water treatment industry, etc.

KeyFeatures & Benefits

  • Quick start up and instant oxygen production reaching target purity in minimum 20 minutes

  • Specially selected ZMS, less sensitive to contamination and high stability to prevent breakdown, optimum PSA technology to ensure consistent oxygen purity and to reduce air consumption

  • Multiple protective measures to the ZMS, extending the service life of the CAPO oxygen generators

  • Air buffer and oxygen buffer tanks integrated inthe oxygen generator inone skid, smaller footprint and easy to install, no need structural work, less cost

  • CANBUS system, a comprehensive central control system, integral oxygen analyzer to monitor and control the running conditions of the oxygen generation system, Wi-Ctrl Configuration is available to realize remote control and system upgrades

  • Powder coating surface treatment technique makes the hard finish tougher and last longer

  • Unique wide oxygen purity range( from 90% to 99%) for customer flexibility

  • 7*24 hours all around professional service


Air Input Requirements

Air Quality: IS0 8573-1 Class 1-4-1

Air Pressure Range: 6.5~7.5bar(g)

Air Temperature Range: 5~40℃


Design Working Conditions

Ambient Temperature: 5~45℃

Altitude: < 2,000m (User at higher altitude area please contact CAN GAS for more details)

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