CAPO Plus PSA Oxygen Generator 95±1%

CanGas® CAPO plus series oxygen generator applies time-proven PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology to produce high purity 95%±1% oxygen directly from compressed air. Compared with traditional bulk liquid oxygen supply and cylinder oxygen supply, CanGas® CAPO Plus PSA oxygen generator is not only cost-saving, but also capable to produce oxygen on your actual real time oxygen consumption, and it also overcomes the limits of distance, location and transportation. CanGas® firm and reliable CAPO Plus PSA oxygen generators are precision-tuned and ideally suited for a range of commercial and medical applications. 

Key Features

  • Quick startup: qualified oxygen can be produced within 10~20 minutes after startup

  • Over 20 years manufacturing & engineering experience since 1998  

  • High quality molecular sieve and proprietary PSA energy saving technology could effectively reduce compressed air consumption to lower operation costs

  • Low maintenance and long lifetime - over 30 years

  • CANBUS touch screen could easily monitor and control running conditions of the whole package

  • Wi-Ctrl configuration is available to realize remote control and system upgrades

  • Skid-mounted design of whole package makes an easy & quick installation at customer jobsite

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