CanGas® High Purity PSA Oxygen Generator 99.5%

CanGas® CAPO-HP high purity oxygen generator 99.5% 

CanGas® CAPO-HP 99.5% oxygen generator applies PSA technology to make oxygen with maximum purity up to 99.5%. It meets requirements for the applications such as steel cutting, special medical oxygen services and so on.  Nowadays, there are only two companies in the PSA industry of the world could master the skills, CanGas®  is one of the  Chinese company who makes a breakthrough at the purity of 99.5% by PSA Oxygen Generator. Purity of 99.5% oxygen is monopoly gas supplied by cryogenic plant, but now PSA technology could cover parts of the market with its convenience for easy install and quick oxygen production at user jobsite at low investment. 


  • Oxygen purity: 99%~99.5%

  • Oxygen flow:  3~40Nm³/h

  • Oxygen pressure: 4~5barg or customized


Key Features

  • All-in-one design, all systems are integrated on one skid or two skids for easy installation and operation

  • High efficient and stable

  • Full automatic control

  • Low maintenance

  • Time-proven technology design

  • Durable

  • Dependable controlling system and processing valves ensure reliable performance

Models & Specifications






O2 Outlet Pressure(MPa)

Inlet/Outlet Connections(mm)

CAPO-HP-3399±0.50.5-1.0DN20 G1/2
CAPO-HP-55DN20 G1/2
CAPO-HP-1010DN25 G1/2
CAPO-HP-1515DN25 G1/2
CAPO-HP-2020DN40 G1/2
CAPO-HP-2525DN40 G1/2
CAPO-HP-3030DN50 G1/2
CAPO-HP-4040DN50 G1

Main Application Fields

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