CFS PSA Oxygen Generation & Cylinder Refilling Units

CanGas® CFS is excellent oxygen generation & cylinder refilling solution at spot with high reliability and automation for 7*24 oxygen cylinder filling. Equipped with CanGas® CAPO, CAPO Plus and CAPO HP series PSA oxygen generator, a gas plant with CanGas® CFS can fulfill customers’ business from medical to industrial in many aspects, which do help you succeed in your gas business. 

Time proven CanGas® PSA technology makes the plant more economical, more reliable and more convenient. All parts are of famous brands with reliable performance. Unique design makes the plant high production output at  minimum power consumption. 

CanGas® CFS at good output is equipped with the high stable oil free diaphragm booster of high pressure which could offer a better operation performance, a reliability consistent running and only a few maintenance compared with traditional piston booster. 

Key Features

  • Proven PSA technology, reliable and convenient

  • Product oxygen meets or is beyond U.S.P 93% medical oxygen standard

  • Max oxygen purity is up to 99.5% suitable for all applications

  • Full automatic control and standalone run

  • Plug and run design

  • Low maintenance

  • Oxygen Purity: 93%~99.5%

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