SMART CAPO-2C/3C/5C PSA Oxygen Generator (93%) - All in one

SMART series PSA oxygen generators are developed for small health care institutions, especially for low flow, continuous medical oxygen demand. A stand alone system with highly compact , plug and run design and wide applicabilities. SMART series PSA oxygen generators are excellent in performance, reliability and convenience.

Key Features

  • Compact: Built-in high quality oil-injected screw compressor, dryer and Multi-stage filters

  • Reliable and stable: 7*24hrs design, no performance degradation

  • Low Noise: Sturdy and noise reduction industrial cabinet

  • Convenient and easy installation: Plug in and run design. Heavy duty casters, allowing easy and time saving installation

  • High Efficiency: Low power consumption

  • Reliable: Time-proven PSA technology

  • Wide applicabilities: Many model and function options

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