CAZ for SMT 99.99%~99.999%

CanGas® CAZ series PSA Nitrogen Generator is dedicated to develop the high compact nitrogen generation system for electronic applications, especially for SMT Reflow Oven and wave soldering machine. With the design of plug and play and versatile adaptability, CAZ series PSA nitrogen system is excellent in performance, convenience and efficiency. 

Key Features

  • Smart Control:standard CANBUS colorful touch screen automatic control system

  • Compact:built-in 0.1m3 air tank and 0.1 m3 nitrogen tank

  • Mobile:heavy duty caster, portable and stable

  • Low noise:sturdy and noise reduction industrial cabinet

  • Convenient and Easy Installation:plug in and run design

  • High Efficiency:Low power consumption

  • Reliable:21 years time-proven PSA technology

  • Versatile Configuration Options:high adaptability

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