CALA for Laboratory 99.99%~99.999%

CanGas® CAZ series PSA Nitrogen Generator is dedicated to develop the high compact nitrogen generation system for electronic applications, especially for SMT Reflow Oven and wave soldering machine. With the design of plug and play and versatile adaptability, CAZ series PSA nitrogen system is excellent in performance, convenience and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Professional: designed to meet specific analytical instrument gas purity and flow requirements

  • Excellent performance: improved analytical performance - production of a constant flow of gas improves the consistency of the analysis results and hence reproducibility

  • Convenient: automatic control and a constant guaranteed nitrogen supply

  • Easy installation & operation: full automatic control, all in one, plug and play

  • Economic: quick return on investment. No need to change gas cylinders. Low running cost

Models & Specifications

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Main Application Fields

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