VSA Oxygen Generator CAVSA 93%

CanGas® CAVSA Oxygen Generators rely on Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) technology which operates at nearly ambient temperatures and pressures, separating oxygen from air under minimal pressure according to the molecular characteristic and affinity in the adsorbents  The process then swings to vacuum to regenerate the oxygen molecular sieve  The vacuum is typically generated by a pump. 

CAVSA series on site oxygen generator is with lower power consumption, lower operating costs and lower maintenance costs, smaller size of skid-mounted modular construction providing lower cost installation and saving floor space  CAVSA oxygen generator is more adaptable to the environment protection applications such as water treatment, and is also reliable and cost-effective solution for small to medium oxygen requirements. 

Key Features & Benefits

  • Lower power consumption, electricity consumption is only 0.7~0.9 kW per cubic meter of oxygen

  • Skid-mounted and modular construction, smaller footprint and easy installation

  • Maintenance is very simple, only need to change the inlet air filter element periodically, lower operating cost

  • VSA technology, more adaptable to the environment and sea level of user jobsites, is more reliab

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