What is the power consumption index of oxygen generator?

In the process of producing oxygen in the PSA oxygen generator , there is an energy consumption indicator called kw•h/m3, which refers to how much electrical energy (kw•h) is consumed to produce 1 Nm3 of oxygen (standard state). Users can calculate this value to understand the performance of an oxygen generation system.

It should be emphasized that the energy consumption here is not the rated power of the equipment, but the actual power consumption of the equipment. In other words, we use the actual power consumption value divided by the total oxygen production within a certain period of time. Calculate the amount. As for why the rated power calculation is not used. That's because the oxygen production system also involves cooling water, instrument air, motor power factor, etc., so calculating the rated power is not accurate.

Therefore, when companies choose oxygen generators, they can focus on understanding the power consumption indicators of system equipment. On the one hand, they can know whether the oxygen generation system is efficient. On the other hand, they can also roughly understand the operating costs that need to be borne by subsequent oxygen production.


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