The customer representative of Algeria national hospital came to our factory to inspect the medical oxygen generator system

On September 10th, 2021, a customer from a large Hong Kong pharmaceutical groupcame to CAN GAS SYSTEMS COMPANY LIMITED for a field visit and the acceptance of medical oxygen generator, the end user was a national hospital in Algeria. CAN GAS SYSTEMS COMPANY LIMITED is a national high-tech enterprise and one of the few domestic companies that have the qualification for the production and sales of medical oxygen generators. The customer not only came to the Beijing Headquarter for on-site inspection but also went to the production research and development base in the Gu'an Industrial Park in Langfang City, Hebei Province for a comprehensive understanding and visit.

In the factory, we first gave customers a professional explanation and introduction to the composition and function of the medical oxygen generator system that they are more concerned about. Subsequently, the production department also arranged for the customer to visit the oxygen generator system ordered by the customer, and other companies' ongoing projects, including containerized oxygen generators,  high-pressure cylinder filling systems, etc., and conducted on-site explanations. The customer not only has a comprehensive understanding of the production situation in the workshop, but also the purchase of supporting equipment. Our company also provides a report on the actual cooperation situation of Atlas Copco air compressor, oxygen booster, high-pressure cylinder filling systm and other supporting equipments.

Customers are very satisfied with the strength of all parties in our company, and have a clear understanding of the delivery time and production schedule of the equipment.

 CAN GAS  will also live up to customer expectations, embodying our expertise in every CanGas product, ensuring that every set of sold equipment and systems receive professional, high-quality, timely and comprehensive services, ensuring that every the equipment and systems sold can be kept in good working condition. Always provide customers

 with high-quality professional products and services.


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