CanGas® Containerized PSA Oxygen Generator

CanGas® containerized PSA oxygen generator 93%~99.5%

CanGas® containerized box-type PSA oxygen generator (purity from 93% to 99.5%) is an oxygen generating system mainly with portable & moving convenience. The oxygen is produced from compressed air by pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. The whole set of compressed air system as well as the oxygen generator system is integrated in the container or box.

Key Features

  • Easy transportation and installation.

  • Easy operation - plug and play solution, automatic start and stop is available.

  • Designed for outdoors, especially for extreme ambient conditions. The container is an excellent protection against rain and sun and can be placed on the roof of the building or in the remote area.

  • Wi-Ctrl configuration is available to realize remote monitoring & controlling and system upgrades.

  • Surface of the container is treated with special coating for heat insulation.

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