CanGas Membrane Oxygen Generator CAME 40%

Air from atmosphere is compressed, filtered and heated, then goes into hollow fiber membrane modules. Oxygen molecular with high seepage velocity goes out of the fiber and is collected as enriched product oxygen with purity of 25%~50%. Product oxygen is then filtered and boosted to required pressure and delivered to users in various industry such as diving, room home oxygen enrichment & diffusion system. CanGas® CAME series onsite membrane oxygen generators with standardized all-in-one modular design were developed for such applications. For more details, please consult CAN GAS regional sales manager. 


  • Oxygen flow:1~8,000Nm3/h

  • Oxygen pressure:0.02~1.0Mpa

  • Oxygen purity:25~50%

Key Features of CanGas® CAME Onsite Membrane Oxygen Generators

  • Low maintenance and operation costs

  • Long membrane module service life - over 10 years

  • Modular design, easy capacity-increase by multiple units

  • Fully automatic control and operation, 7*24 unattended

  • High flexibility: oxygen flow and purity can be easily adjusted

  • High integration: all in one, compact, small size, lighter, plug and play

  • No moving parts such as valve switchover, ensuring reliable performance and 7*24 stable running    

  • Convenient & quick startup and shutdown, target oxygen purity can be reached within 5~10 minutes

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