Oxygen used in Aquaculture1.pngDissolved oxygen content in the water of fish ponds is one of the most important parameters of water quality, as the oxygen is a vital condition for all the organisms living in water and having an aerobic type of respiration. 

Intensive fish culture systems are generally established in areas where there is a large quantity and good quality of flow-through water. In such systems, the oxygen requirement for fish and aquatic products is ensured by the inflow water. This means the fish or aquatic products load capacity depends on the rate of water flow. The water flow can not be increased beyond a certain limit because of technical, economic and physiological reasons.

By application of pure oxygen, the oxygen supply no longer limits the fish and aquatic products load of the system. Furthermore, the oxygen supply can be regulated and increases safety of the operation. The significant advantage of application of pure oxygen is the high mass transfer rate between pure oxygen and water. 

In order to minimize oxygen consumption, oxygen dissolving devices are needed to ensure the most perfect absorption of oxygen by water. One way is bubbling oxygenation where the oxygen gas comes in contact with water by breaking into bubbles. The rate of oxygen dilution mainly depends on the depth of water layer, the travel distance of bubbles in water body and the rate of oxygen feeding. Higher efficiency can be achieved by decreasing the bubble size, thus the contact time and the contact surface are increased.

CAN GAS energy saving oxygen generation system along with professional solutions for fish farming is the best choice to get oxygen easily at your site, to continuously boost your aquaculture business in the long run. 

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