Airport Ground Support

Oxygen used in Airport Ground Support.pngCanGas® Mobile PSA oxygen making & filling trailer can help ground crews fulfill routine or emergency oxygen filling operation at airport with its good mobility and fast production. While CanGas® oxygen charging truck with high maneuverability and flexibility, onboard power generator or PTO from truck engine, onboard high oxygen storage up to 120m³ with pressure of 20MPa, onboard diaphragm oxygen booster, could quickly move to user spot and do fast oxygen refilling to user points from onboard bottled oxygen within minutes.


CanGas® Mobile PSA oxygen making & filling trailer and oxygen charging truck delivering high purity oxygen can help military aircraft to reduce pressure from logistic and maintenance, making it easier and faster to all the refilling operations for any kinds of aircraft including fighter.


CanGas® Mobile PSA oxygen making& filling trailer and oxygen charging truck with their unique technique can produce or refill oxygen with purity of up to 99.5% which is sufficient for the use of oxygen by the crews in the air and convenient for ground service and transportation. 

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