A major milestone: Oxygen 93% is finally recognised as medically equivalent to Oxygen 99% / 99.5%

Concerns that the draft revision of the WHO International Pharmacopoeia would restrict access to medical oxygen are resolved. Past uncertainties caused by separate international definitions of medicinal oxygen dependant on concentration are thus eliminated. Healthcare Authorities, Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals working to the PH.INT definition can now treat patients with both oxygen 93% and oxygen 99.5% regardless of source.

We are sharing the PH.INT Medicinal Oxygen on behalf of WHO International Pharmacopoeia, which defines and considers the following:

The Medicinal Oxygen monograph now incorporates both currently internationally recognized concentrations of oxygen. Both Oxygen 93% and Oxygen 99.5% are hereby deemed medically equivalent in terms of patient treatment. The stipulated quality requirements are identical.

In accordance with clinical guidelines, Medicinal Oxygen can be used either in undiluted form or as mixtures of Oxygen 93% and Oxygen 99.5%   


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