How to protect the air compressor at low temperature

As an important part of the oxygen/nitrogen production system, the air compressor needs extra attention and protection in a cold environment, otherwise the whole system will not work properly.

The reason why it can't work properly is that the low temperature will make the air colder. After the cold air enters the air compressor, it will generate a large amount of water vapor when it is heated. Once these water vapors are not treated in time, the efficiency of the molecular sieve will become lower. Thus dragging down the oxygen (nitrogen) production efficiency of the entire system. In addition, low temperature will also affect the oil circuit system in the air compressor circulation system, which will increase the viscosity of the lubricating oil, which will greatly damage the machine that is restarted after a period of shutdown, and will directly affect the life of the machine.

After understanding the impact of low temperature on the air compressor, let's talk about how to protect the air compressor under low temperature.

1. Pipe cold protection

Because the moisture in the compressed air will freeze on the pipes or other parts when it is discharged through the automatic drain valve. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out cold protection treatment for the electronic drain valve and the piping system.

2. Ensure that the temperature of the computer room is above zero

Adjust the indoor temperature of the oxygen (nitrogen) machine room; when the air compressor stops or does not run, consider using an electric heater to adjust the temperature. Make sure that the ambient temperature of the equipment room is above 0°C.

3. Confirm the working status of the automatic drain valve of the air compressor, air storage tank, dryer and filter

When it is close to get off work or when the equipment needs to be shut down, fully open the drain valves of pipes, gas storage tanks, dryers, etc., and discharge the condensed water and air before closing the valves.

4. Air compressor management during shutdown

After the compressor is stopped, the gas must be vented to 0.0 bar on the display and the valve must be closed. Open the automatic drain valve of the air compressor, air storage tank and dryer. Turn off the air and condensate when completely drained.

If it is a long-term shutdown, it must be started once a week and repeated after 3 hours.

In cold and low temperature weather, always pay attention to the operation of the air compressor, and carry out regular maintenance and maintenance to prevent the occurrence of air compressor failure and ensure the smooth progress of production.


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