What procedures must the enterprise have to use the nitrogen generator?

The pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator (referred to as PSA nitrogen generator) utilizes the adsorption characteristics of carbon molecular sieves, adopts a cycle of pressurized adsorption and depressurized desorption to achieve air separation and continuously produce high-purity product nitrogen. It has the characteristics of low production cost, low maintenance, one-time investment, and low infrastructure requirements.

Although the PSA nitrogen generator can meet the nitrogen demand of enterprises conveniently and cheaply, some enterprises may not know much about the qualification procedures required for the useage of nitrogen generators.

If it is the first time to use the PSA nitrogen generator, you must first prepare for environmental impact assessment, safety assessment, fire protection, safety, etc. (generally submitted for approval together with the main project), and before the equipment is put into production, it is necessary to submit for approval inspection and filing of pressure vessels and pipelines, etc. . Only with the above compliance qualifications can the PSA nitrogen generator be used normally.

In addition to the above-mentioned approval and filing, in view of the different use environments required by different application fields, some special industries require other certifications. For example: when the coal mine industry needs a PSA nitrogen generator, the equipment needs to be operated underground, and a coal safety certificate is required; in the grain and oil industry, when the PSA nitrogen generator needs to be used in an explosion-proof area, an explosion-proof certificate is required; for offshore oil mining, a PSA nitrogen generator requires When working at sea, certification by the classification society is required; when food companies purchase nitrogen generators to produce nitrogen for production, they need a food additive production license. In addition, when nitrogen is used as a food additive, the required nitrogen purity should reach 99.9%.


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