How to choose carbon molecular sieves for manufacturer of nitrogen generator

When it comes to PSA nitrogen generators, we have to talk about molecular sieves. As the core component of nitrogen generators, the quality of molecular sieves directly affects the quality of nitrogen generators. But in fact, molecular sieves cannot be distinguished from good or bad by naked eyes alone, and even manufacturers are not sure about picking out a high-quality and unfamiliar molecular sieve brand. In addition, in the domestic market, there are situations where inferior products are used as good ones, and domestic products are pretended to be imported. Therefore, the selection of high-quality molecular sieves is not only a test for consumers, but also for manufacturers.

In view of this, many manufacturers of nitrogen generator tend to choose familiar and reliable partners to supply molecular sieve, which can help manufacturers avoid risks. Of course, manufacturers will not refuse to contact some new supplier of molecular sieve, which can prevent suppliers from being too single and reduce the impact of uncontrollable factors on production.

For molecular sieves that are not familiar, the "alchemy stone" commonly used by manufacturers is to test in batches , and select high-quality molecular sieve products on the market combined with experience. In general, an excellent molecular sieve should be:

1. The normal service life of molecular sieve should be long enough.

2. The pressure requirements of molecular sieves, the smaller the better.

3. The same amount of compressed air, the greater the nitrogen production, the better.

As a buyer, if you want to know the performance of the nitrogen generator. It is recommended that during the consultation stage, be careful on the service life of the molecular sieve for nitrogen generator, the pressure requirement and the "air-to-nitrogen ratio" indicators, which can help buyers quickly and accurately understand the performance of the equipment.


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