What are the main parameters of PSA nitrogen generator

Before choosing a suitable PSA nitrogen generator, the users actually need to have a general understanding of the key parameters about it. If the understanding is not very clear, even the manufacturer cannot make tailor-made solution. These parameters are flow rate, purity, operating pressure and dew point. There are 4 parameters in total, which is not complicated.

1. Flow rate

The flow rate is the core parameter of the nitrogen generator. When confirming the flow rate, it is best to calculate the actual amount according to your actual needs. Otherwise, the manufacturer can only give a reference value based on project experience. The unit of flow generally adopts volumetric flow in m3/h (or L/min). Because the volume of gas is related to temperature, pressure and humidity, for the sake of comparison, the volume flow usually referred to refers to the standard state (temperature is 20°C, pressure is 0.101MPa, relative humidity is 65%), and the flow rate at this time is expressed in Nm3 /h unit, "N" means the standard state.

2. Purity

Purity is another key parameter of the nitrogen generator. In different industries and different application processes, the purity of nitrogen required is different. If users are not sure about this, they can also try to refer to the purity required by their own industry processes. Generally speaking, the nitrogen purity we refer to refers to the non-oxygen content, for example, 99.5% nitrogen purity (refers to O2≤0.5% in the produced gas), similarly, 99.99% nitrogen purity (refers to O2≤0.01% ).

3. Using pressure

Under normal circumstances, the outlet pressure of the nitrogen generator is generally 0.1-0.6MPa. However, if some processes require higher pressure, the nitrogen pressure must be boosted. At this time, a nitrogen booster is needed to boost the nitrogen to the required pressure.

4. Dew point

The dew point represents the water content in the gas. The lower dew point, the less water content in the gas and the drier gas. The dew point is related to pressure, and can be divided into atmospheric dew point (atmospheric pressure dew point) and dew point under pressure (pressure dew point). In the gas industry, unless specified otherwise, the dew point referred to is the atmospheric dew point. Generally speaking, the normal pressure dew point of the nitrogen produced by the PSA nitrogen generator is -40°C. For users who require a lower dew point, they can choose a desiccant dryer or a combined dryer when choosing a dryer. The dew point of a desiccant dryer or a combined dryer will be lower than that of a refrigerated dryer alone.


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