Safety precautions during inspecting pipeline of PSA nitrogen generator

As industrial mechanical equipment, routine inspection and maintenance of PSA nitrogen generators are essential. Whether it is a small problem or a major malfunction, safety awareness must be grasped firmly. Taking the inspection of pressure pipelines as an example, there are several places that are overlooked easily and need us to be vigilant;

When checking the pressure pipeline, firstly the staff should be very clear that the pipeline is in a "under pressure" state, and remember not to tighten the screws on the pipeline; because in pipeline inspection, the most common situation we encounter is pipeline leakage; The reasons for leakage may be gasket damage, thermal stress on the pipeline, etc; so the staff only thought that simply tightening the screws will be ok, but it could not solve the leakage problem, and it was also possible to break the bolt due to insufficient estimation of the bolt's force; it could cause high-pressure gas to spray out of the pipe and serious safety accidents. In fact, this situation is no longer an exception. There have been several accidents in the industry, which were caused by twisting and breaking bolts under pressure, the flange flies out and leads casualties.

So, no matter who and when conducting pressure pipeline inspections, it is necessary to remember the operating procedures and adhere to the operating standards strictly; Do not approach the inspection of "pressurized pipelines" with luck in order to seize time. Safety production is not small matter, and in many cases, slow is fast. 


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