What environmental factors will affect the performance of air compressors in nitrogen production systems

In the PSA nitrogen production system, the air compressor is very important. Its performance will directly affect the performance of the nitrogen production system.

People who are familiar with air compressors may know that in addition to the product quality of the air compressor itself, the environment in which the air compressor is located is also very important. Different environmental conditions have different effects on the air compresso. These factors come from atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature, atmospheric humidity, etc. Therefore, if you want to keep the air compressor in ideal working condition, you need to understand and reduce the impact of these environmental factors on the air compressor. Specifically,

1)The influence of atmospheric pressure. Normal atmospheric pressure is approximately 0.1MPa. When the atmospheric pressure becomes lower, the compression ratio of the air compressor increases. A decrease of almost 0.01MPa in atmospheric pressure will increase the compression ratio of the air compressor by 6% to 8%, which means increasing the energy consumption of compression.

2)The influence of ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature rises, the exhaust volume of the air compressor will decrease and the shaft power will increase. When the ambient temperature increases by 3°C, the shaft power increases by approximately 1%. In addition, the increase in ambient temperature will also increase the exhaust temperature of the air compressor and increase the cooling loss, which requires more cooling capacity to balance the cooling loss, which will ultimately lead to greater actual power consumption.

3)The influence of air humidity. If the air humidity in the environment is high, the air compressor will increase the shaft power accordingly and consume it in compressing water vapor. This will also cause the air compressor shaft power to become larger and consume more energy. At the same time, the effective compressed air volume is reduced, which is also detrimental to the later equipment operation and maintenance.

4)Influence of the cleanliness of ambient air. If the ambient air contains dust, sulfur compounds or other hydrocarbons exceeding normal standards, it will have a great impact on the long-term operation of the air compressor. It will greatly shorten the service life of the air compressor, increase maintenance and repair costs, and also cause Air compressor performance decreases.

In summary, when using a nitrogen production system, you need to choose a working environment with suitable altitude, temperature, humidity, and cleanliness for the air compressor to place and use. Only when the air compressor is in a "comfortable" working environment can it be effective. Reduce unnecessary energy consumption and maintenance and operation costs of the nitrogen production system and ensure the good operation and performance of the air compressor.


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