CAN GAS attended the 2024 China International Medical Gas Industry Innovation Conference and Annual Meeting to discuss the new trend of medical gases

On March 28, the 2024 China International Medical Gas Industry Innovation Conference and Annual Meeting kicked off in Chongqing. As a standing committee member of the Medical Gas Equipment and Engineering Branch of the China Medical Equipment Association, CAN GAS participated in many theme forums at the conference and discussed the innovative development trends of medical gases with many experts and colleagues in the industry, demonstrating CAN GAS’s role in promoting the high-end of medical oxygen equipment. Quality development efforts and results.

The theme of this meeting is "Innovative development, win-win cooperation"; the meeting mainly focuses on the high-quality development of the medical gas industry, promoting technological innovation, meeting the needs of hospital development and construction, ensuring the safe operation of medical gases and the safety of the people's lives; participating in the meeting The personnel include experts in medical gases, leaders of relevant hospital departments, and technical personnel in medical gas design, manufacturing, construction, and testing.

In the context of hospitals seeking high-quality development, how to reduce medical accidents and improve medical effects has become an important issue facing medical institutions at all levels. In terms of ensuring the safety of medical gas use, CAN GAS  strictly abides by the national standards for medical oxygen and always puts the health and safety of patients first; it continuously improves the quality of medical oxygen, strictly controls the construction, acceptance, and testing links, and provides more sustainable feedback to customers. , stable, safe and intelligent medical gas solutions and products.

CAN GAS believes that with the promotion of policies and technological development, my country's innovative development of medical equipment will accelerate again; as a partner in the high-quality development process of hospitals, CAN GAS will continue to be committed to providing hospitals with professional, reliable, and Safe oxygen solutions and work together to build a high-quality medical ecosystem.

During the meeting, Mr. Peng of CAN GAS (Standing Member of Medical Gas Equipment and Engineering Branch of China Medical Equipment Association) and Manager Zhao (Member of Medical Gas and Engineering Branch of China Industrial Gas Industry Association) visited the 2024 Medical Equipment Exhibition held at the same time , and had in-depth exchanges with exhibitors.



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