The 135th Canton Fair (Phase I) ended successfully and CAN GAS gained a lot

The first phase of the 135th China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Canton Fair) came to a successful conclusion on April 19; 

CAN GAS participated in the exhibition with a small integrated oxygen generation system, which attracted the attention of many visitors.

As an international trade exhibition event, the Canton Fair brings together buyers and exhibitors from all over the world. 

This exhibition event is not only a platform to display products and technologies, but also an important opportunity to promote international trade cooperation.

During the five-day exhibition, CAN GAS's exhibition team received every guest with enthusiasm and professionalism; 

harmonious on-site communication and comprehensive display brought an immersive experience to many international customers, and also brought more customers to the exhibition. 

Many people have seen the product features and gas solutions of CAN GAS's system.

In addition to product and technology communication , our team members also talked about the market demand for air separation equipment in different countries and regions, had in-depth exchanges and explored cooperation opportunities;

CAN GAS feels that it is honor to participate in such exhibitions; we believe that through such exhibitions, more industry elites and customers can learn about us, and learn from each other's strengths; 

at the same time, it also makes the foundation for further business cooperation. 

CAN GAS would like to thank everyone for coming, and we look forward to meeting you again next time.


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