CHCC2024 comes to a successful conclusion, CAN GAS Systems company limited attracts attention with its medical products

On May 20, the "25th China Hospital Construction Conference and International Hospital Construction, Equipment and Management Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as CHCC2024)" concluded successfully in Chengdu West China International Expo City. CAN GAS’ s medical gas systems and medical oxygen solutions have won unanimous praise from Visitors from all industries.

During the three-day industry feast, CAN GAS and a number of outstanding industry suppliers interacted and shared on a grand stage of more than 10,000 square meters in 14 exhibition halls, focusing on "oriented toward high-quality development and comprehensively promoting scientific and technological innovation in the construction of beautiful hospitals."


At this exhibition, the medical gas supply equipment and integrated solutions brought by CAN GAS were fully recognized by industry experts, scholars, hospital delegations, etc. Among them, the latest iteration of the solution comprehensively consolidates system safety and reliability from demand analysis to equipment selection to system layout. It not only facilitates the maintenance and management of medical staff, but also fully considers energy conservation, environmental protection and cost control. and the real need for better quality and faster installation. In terms of medical equipment, the Medical PSA oxygen generator, SMART-3C all in one oxygen generator, Medical Vacuum systems, Head belt, VSD sterilization system independently developed by CAN GAS also attracted many visitors to inquire due to their outstanding appearance and energy efficiency.


During the exhibition, CAN GAS also warmly received many leaders from the Medical Gas Branch and introduced CAN GAS's products, technologies and services to them. The leaders expressed their affirmation and expectations for the application prospects of CAN GAS's products in the field of medical gases.


Modern medical treatment is inseparable from the medical oxygen supply system; as a supporter of the medical industry, CAN GAS will continue to work hard and continue to explore innovative system designs for hospital construction and ecological medical construction paths, in order to comprehensively promote the high-quality development of modern medical structures and protect the Make greater contributions to human health!

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