Containerized PSA Oxygen Generation System for Regional Health Institutions (Malawi)


When the epidemic swept in, it not only tested the health systems of various countries but also ruthlessly revealed the disparities in medical resources among them. In the Malawi region, the epidemic exacerbated the shortage of medical oxygen, exposing the vulnerability of local health infrastructure.

Collaborating with an international fundraising organization, CAN GAS meticulously crafted an oxygen supply solution to address the local medical oxygen shortage and bridge the gaps in health infrastructure. In the face of urgent oxygen demands, CAN GAS demonstrated not only its swift response capability but also its profound commitment to humanitarian aid.

About the Health Institutions

The health institutions in Lilongwe, Malawi, serve as more than just treatment centers; they are the guardians of the local community's health and defenders of life. Their primary responsibilities encompass providing comprehensive medical services and responding to public health emergencies.

Project Overview

After meticulous communication, design, and consultations, CAN GAS presented a state-of-the-art containerized PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) oxygen generation system to its client, ensuring a stable and abundant supply of oxygen for local health institutions. This system is capable of filling at least 80 medical oxygen cylinders of 50L capacity daily, significantly alleviating the oxygen demands of neighboring hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

Project Showcase (On-site Photographed Images)

Project Highlights

The CAN GAS containerized PSA oxygen generation system boasts a plug-and-play design, eliminating the need for complex installation and specialized training. It can be swiftly deployed and operational, saving time and labor costs significantly. Moreover, its flexibility allows for direct connection to hospital pipelines or independent cylinder filling, comprehensively covering various oxygen usage scenarios and ensuring uninterrupted lifelines.

Acknowledging the unique maintenance conditions in Africa, CAN GAS has thoughtfully prepared corresponding daily consumable parts for customers, ensuring continuous, stable, and efficient operation of the equipment. This not only reflects our confidence in product quality but also underscores CAN GAS's profound understanding and care for customer needs.

User Feedback

Throughout the project execution, CAN GAS garnered high praise from customers for its exceptional product quality, which was deemed comparable to top-tier European and American products. Additionally, CAN GAS's dedicated 24/7 service has provided immense convenience and reassurance to customers, earning overwhelming accolades and laying a solid foundation for further collaboration between the two parties.

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