CanGas® Containerized Nitrogen Generator System

CanGas® Containerized Nitrogen Generator System 95%~99.9999%

CanGas® Containerized Nitrogen Generator System is mainly for portable & moving purpose, specially used in oil field, airport, refining, chemical processing and other applications, where nitrogen source is far away from consumers side. CAN GAS has years of such field experience for customers from different industries. 

CanGas® Containerized Nitrogen Generator System includes PSA and membrane type nitrogen generators, which are with flow capacities ranging from 1.0Nm3/h to 9,000+ Nm3/h to big tonnage nitrogen plant.  

Key Features

  • Easy transportation, installation

  • Designed for extreme ambient conditions with extreme cold or hot temperature

  • Automatic operation, DCS communication available

  • Both electrical and diesel power are available

  • Customize the system to meet the customer’s special requirements

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