CanGas® CAY Nitrogen Purifier

CanGas® CAY Nitrogen Purifier 99.9995%~99.9999%

Low purity nitrogen contains normally 0.1~1% oxygen. To increase the nitrogen purity to 99.9995% or higher for specified applications, the oxygen has to be removed. With CanGas® CAY nitrogen purifier, high purity of nitrogen gas is produced by adopting deoxidization device with feeding of proportional hydrogen. The CAY nitrogen purifier can be added to existing nitrogen systems at user sites. It is onsite nitrogen supply solution with high purity at a minimum cost. 

Product Nitrogen Quality

Oxygen Content: ≤ 1ppm
Dew Point: ≤ -70°C, customizable
Hydrogen Residual: ≤ 2000ppm

Key Features

  • Fully automatic controlling, monitoring and running

  • High efficiency with low costs

  • Closed-loop temperature controls

  • Simple and easy operation

  • Stable and reliable performance

Standard Models & Specifications (other capacities than listed are available)

CAY Nitrogen Purifier 99.9995%~99.9999%.png

Note: N2 delivery pressure is 0~5 BarG (72.5 PSIG) adjustable. Higher pressure is customizable.

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