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Are CAN GAS PSA oxygen/nitrogen systems safe?

Safety first is conducted in all process - design, production, testing, delivery, operation and maintenance. CAN GAS systems have low operating pressures, no safety risks of handling of high pressure gas cylinders.


Are CAN GAS systems more efficient than that of competitors?

CanGas® PSA systems have a higher separation efficiency than any other PSA system in the market with less feed air requirements resulting in lower energy requirement with unique proven design and technology.


Does CAN GAS offer customize designs based on special requirements?

With experience of 21 years, CAN GAS is capable of customizing any kind of Nitrogen or Oxygen generator. They are with heavy duty construction and design for rough conditions using high quality & durable components. 


How does CAN GAS conduct quality control?

Quality assurance is an integral part of CAN GAS standard production operations and it is priority to always deliver high quality products and services. CAN GAS holds all relevant approvals and certifications for serving numerous applications with good product quality.


Can I fill the O2/N2 cylinders with CAN GAS oxygen/nitrogen systems?

All CAN GAS systems can be expanded with cylinder filling option - by adding a piston booster or diaphragm booster, and cylinder filling station afterwards.


What is the purpose of the air/N2/O2 receiver tank?

As buffer or storage, it maintains consistent flow rate and a consistent pressure of feeding air or product N2/O2.


Are CAN GAS PSA generators producing uninterrupted N2/O2 24*7*365?

CAN GAS PSA systems produce required nitrogen/oxygen 24*7*365 continuously. High reliability through fewer moving parts and high quality components. You will get controlled flow and uninterrupted gas production.


Do you offer installation, commissioning, startup service?

Definitely. CAN GAS service engineers can reach any place on the earth for commissioning and installation of CanGas® PSA systems. CAN GAS has a service network spread all over the world to ensure world-wide service and CAN GAS local distributors and partners are trained to provide CAN GAS standard service locally.


What do I have to do when I need service and spare parts for my CanGas® PSA systems?

If you face any problems with CAN GAS PSA or Membrane systems, please reach out to CAN GAS service hotline or send email to the Email addresses below with details and product serial number and some photos which could help us understand your problem and give you the best solution and timely support.


Does CAN GAS offer customer service after sales?

Certainly. At CAN GAS, as selling a product isn’t the end of the business and we believe that customer loyalty is necessary to retain business, these are why we provide great customer service for both before and after sales. CAN GAS 24×7 after sales service helps to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases. We are proud that we provided the best after-sales service in the market ever since. Trainings are held regularly for distributors and customers to strengthen relationships, enhance their product knowledge, and learn new product technological developments.