Coal, Oil & Gas Mining

Nitrogen Gas used in Coal, Oil & Gas Mining1.pngCanGas® nitrogen gas generator can be used in a wide range of coal, oil & gas applications, including fire prevention, extinguishing, pipeline cleaning, purging, blanketing, flammable gas protection, transportation, well drilling operations, and enhanced oil recovery etc.


The essence of fire prevention and extinguishing by nitrogen injection is to inject a certain flow rate of nitrogen into the goaf oxidation zone or fire area, so that the oxygen content can be reduced to 10% or less than 3%, so as to achieve the purpose of fire prevention and extinguishing and suppression of gas explosion. 


In coal mine, when there is a fire in the goaf oxidation zone, the biggest disaster is the explosion of inside mixed gases. Known from the explosion triangle of mixed gas, it is possible to reduce the explosion if the oxygen content in the mixed gas is less than 12%, so injection of CanGas® nitrogen will make it come true. Meanwhile, oxygen content can be reduced to under the critical value of coal spontaneous combustion, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing spontaneous combustion of coal.


Nitrogen is the exemplary gas for re-pressurizing oil & gas from large wells/natural gas reservoir sites. The use of nitrogen self-characteristics for oil layer pressure maintenance, mixed phase and immiscible flooding and gravity drainage technology can greatly enhance oil recovery, which is of great significance to the stable production and high yield of petroleum industry as well. 


Before maintenance or loading of oil & gas pipeline, there is some flammable and explosive gas still inside, so you have to use CanGas® nitrogen generator to produce qualified nitrogen to clean and purge the pipeline to get all processes safety.


The residual air at the top of the fuel storage tank is the main cause of the fire and explosion of the oil tank. Filling nitrogen to the top of the fuel storage to replace the air inside to make the oxygen content below safety level is the fundamental approach to solve this problem.


CAN GAS supplies onsite PSA nitrogen generator as realtime nitrogen supply with nitrogen purity from 95% to 99.9995% to meet different demands. Welcome to contact us for more information.


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