药品(2).pngNitrogen generator is based on the principle of PSA, using high-quality CMS as adsorbent, and nitrogen is separated from air under a certain pressure. The purified and dried compressed air is subjected to pressure adsorption and decompression desorption in an adsorber. Due to the kinetic effect, diffusion rate of oxygen molecular in micro pores of the CMS is much larger than nitrogen molecular. When adsorption does not reach equilibrium, the nitrogen is enriched and collected in the gas phase as product nitrogen. Then, the pressure is reduced to a normal pressure, and the adsorbent desorbs impurities, such as adsorbed oxygen to regenerate. Generally, two adsorption towers are in the system, one tower adsorbs and the other desorbs and regenerates, and the two programs are alternately cycled and repeated by automatic control of the PLC program, so as to achieve continuous production flow of high-quality nitrogen.


2218729526.pngIn the pharmaceutical industry, to improve the quality of drugs, whether it is the production of large infusions, water needles, powder needles, lyophilizer or oral solution, the nitrogen-filling process is required. At the same time, economic choice of nitrogen introduction and compliance with GMP requirements have been the focus of pharmaceutical production. In the past, most of the nitrogen used in pharmaceuticals came from industrial nitrogen or liquid gas in cylinders to be vaporized into gaseous nitrogen. With development of the modernization of China's pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical machinery, and based on the introduction of the latest international nitrogen production technology, China's medical high-purity nitrogen generators have opened up a new field for pharmaceutical nitrogen.


Nitrogen generator has a wide range of uses in the pharmaceutical industry such as in synthetic drugs. It is isolated by pure nitrogen in bioengineering. It is filled with ammonia in the preparation production, such as large infusion, water needle, powder needle, lyophilizer, oral liquid, etc., wherenitrogen coule beused directly. So there is a great demand for nitrogen supply in pharmaceutical production.


Ø The purity of nitrogen is required to be high, generally 99.999% or higher.

Ø Nitrogen is required to be free of dust, bacterial or odor and can be used for package of injections.

Ø It is required that nitrogen maintain constant pressure during the production processes to ensure continuous normal production. The quality of nitrogen directly affects the quality of drug. According to the GMP regulations and the industry standards, the nitrogen generator should ensure the safety and reliability of onsite nitrogen supply on the basis of providing qualified nitrogen - dry, clean, pressurized and high purity.


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