Biofuel Industry


Ethanol biofuel production from cellulosic feed stocks, offering more environmental benefits than conventional ethanol production from food crops, requires bulk nitrogen gas supply.


As good source of biofuel, N2O production by traditional agriculture industry is not effective, or sufficient or economic. Bulk production of N2O by new technologies with nitrogen gas as raw material becomes popular and it requires a mass of nitrogen gas supply, normally at jobsite.


timg (3).pngNitrogen gas is found an effective fertilizer for bioethanol production by zymomonas mobilis which can use the most abundant gas in the atmosphere, N2, as a nitrogen source and does so without detriment to the high ethanol yield. Using N2-utilizing zymomonas mobilis could offset much monetary and environmental costs of current industrial nitrogen supplements as well.


Nitrogen gas is also widely used to eliminate moisture while pressurizing, blanketing, and inerting storage and holding tanks in ethanol and bio-fuel production.


Purity of nitrogen gas required in the applications above is typically 99.9~99.999%.


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