Antique Protection

Nitrogen Gas Used For Antique Protection.pngAntique protection is a systematic engineering to prevent the antiques from damage by oxidization, corrosion of microorganism and ultraviolet radiation. Nitrogen takes a very important place in this field as a very stable inert gas.

In order to prevent oxidization, high purity nitrogen is used to displace the storage gas in an acceptable level. Most antiques are sensitive to humidity, so the input nitrogen which is normally mixed with low level moisture is controlled by water removal absorbent and sensors to keep the antiques under proper preservation conditions.

The advantage to use a nitrogen generator as nitrogen source for antique protection is that nitrogen generator has enough capacity and relatively low running cost and it saves money for museums and other sites where antique is preserved. The low maintenance and automatic run feature also make it just like a part of the exhibition.

If you are establishing facilities for antique protection, don’t hesitate to contact CAN GAS. We will fully support your affairs with good practice, professional advice and decent products. 

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