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Nitrogen Gas used in Lithium Battery Industry.pngWhat is Lithium Battery?

A lithium battery is a type of battery using lithium metal or lithium alloy as negative electrode material as non-aqueous electrolyte solution. The first scientist to invent a lithium battery was Edison. Of course, people are now completely familiar with lithium batteries, especially after they are widely used in vehicles, electric vehicles and other transportation fields. People's attention to lithium batteries has been upgraded to a higher level.


How many kinds of Lithium Battery are there?

Lithium batteries can be roughly divided into two categories: lithium metal batteries and lithium ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries do not contain metallic lithium and are rechargeable. The fifth-generation lithium-metal battery of rechargeable batteries was created in 1996, and its safety, specific capacity, self-discharge rate and performance price ratio are better than lithium-ion batteries.


Lithium battery is characterized by a high-energy density. Efforts are now targeted to increase life and cycle time, energy density, capacity, safety and to decrease aging effects, time for charging, overall costs, weight and temperature dependency.


As we all know, the production process of lithium battery is quite complicated. After all, the safety performance of lithium-ion battery products is directly related to the life and health of consumers. In the production of natural lithium batteries, there are high requirements for the performance, accuracy, stability and automation level of equipment.


Where will nitrogen be used in producing Lithium Battery?

  • Nitrogen is used for cooling and drying of lithium batteries and for preventing high temperature oxidation.

  • Nitrogen can also remove oxygen from the solution to prevent oxygen from participating in the electrode reaction, corroding the electrode and hence keeps the electrolyte stable.

  • The main application products are lithium battery powertrain, carbon nanotubes, super capacitors, graphite anode materials, lithium iron phosphate cathode materials and ternary materials.


Advantages of applying nitrogen in Lithium Battery production?

  • Extend battery life

  • Increase energy density

  • More safety, reduce the possibility of explosion

  • Shorten charging time

Nitrogen purity of 99.99%~99.9995% is required in such processes.

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