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Nitrogen Gas used in Electronics Industry.pngSurface mount technology(SMT) is now the standard way of manufacturing in electronics industry. By using surface mount technology, electronics can be created in a safer environment, and since process is simpler, the electronics can be manufactured faster. However, this method is extremely sensitive to the environment around it. If not performed in an extremely controlled environment, surface mount technology will not be effective.

Applying N2 gas in reflow solder systems is sometimes debated by assembly companies, weighing the cost of investing in nitrogen-producing equipment or buying stored gas. But few assemblers will argue that the use of an inert atmosphere such as N2 can not only improve solder joint quality and manufacturing yields but also reduce sensitivity to SMT manufacturing process variations. In effect, the use of nitrogen during assembly and packaging helps to widen the process window, resulting in a boost in manufacturing yield.  

Oxygen and resulting oxidation can weaken the solder, so Nitrogen gas produced by Onsite PSA Nitrogen Generator is applied to maintain a clean, dry and inert atmosphere during the process to create a strong and lasting bond.

Onsite PSA Nitrogen Generator is an ideal alternative of high pressure purified nitrogen supply by nitrogen gas cylinders. PSA Nitrogen Generators produce high purity nitrogen gas from compressed air using PSA technology to separate the Nitrogen gas from the air.  It gives a limitless of nitrogen gas supply, on-site and on-demand, without any need of gas company contracts or dependency.

As a loyal customer to CAN GAS, Samsung is using tens of units of CanGas® Onsite PSA Nitrogen Generator with nitrogen purity from 99.99% to 99.9995% in their factories & facilities in South Korea, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and so on for the production of their electronic products including household & commercial TV, industrial screens & displayers, computer, PC, laptop, pad, mobile phone, commercial camera and phone camera...

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