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回流焊.pngNitrogen generator used in Lead free reflow oven and wave soldering machine

As we know that lead is a kind of poisonous heavy metal, if people take the lead in body, poisoning will be caused. By low intake of lead, it will result in certain effects on people's intelligence, nervous system and reproductive system. Taking the personal safety of the operator into consideration, a certain security measures must be sort out - applying nitrogen generators. As nitrogen generator manufacturer for 30 years, CAN GAS would like to give a brief introduction to the role of nitrogen generators applied in lead-free production.


波峰焊.pngLead-free forwards many new requirements for the deployment of equipment, such as reflow oven and wave soldering machine. It includes more heating power, thermal stability under no-load and load conditions, good material for high temperature, excellent thermal insulation, and high quality Uniform temperature, nitrogen leak proof, maneuverability of temperature curve, stronger cooling ability, etc. In the course of process, nitrogen generator can be used to satisfy these requirements as a realtime stable onsite nitrogen supply, and also to prevent and eliminate the defects of the product during welding process.


纺织.pngNitrogen generator used in dyeing industry

Nowadays, the application of nitrogen generators in various industries is more and more extensive, and many enterprises are no strangers to nitrogen generators. Nitrogen generators have also been used in the dyeing industry. So what role does the nitrogen generator play in dyeing and environmental protection?


Because of the nitrogen seal, the yarn does not need a full tank through the dyeing tank, instead, a reasonable liquid level would be enough. When the yarn is running on sealed cylinder inside the dye liquor, it is equivalent to be full. In the same tank dyeing solution, the amount of dyeing liquid can be extremely reduced. After the company takes advantage of the nitrogen seal dyeing, the total dyeing liquid volume is just about 4,000L, while the used liquid to traditional dyeing and dyeing combined machines (10 channels) is around 11,000L in total.


The volume of dyeing solution for dyeing combined machine using nitrogen seal can be only 2/5 of the volume of traditional dyeing liquid, and the liquid level balance can be well ensured in the actual operation, and the dyeing liquid rarely rises before and after dyeing. Meanwhile, it is more convenient and quicker because of the small amount of color change. It effectivelyreduces the storage barrel thatrequired for a large amount of dye liquor storage, as well as greatly reduces the discharge and treatment of waste dye liquor, which is conducive to environmental protecting, energy saving, and waste preventing.


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