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TPG04175188.jpgCanGas® nitrogen generators adopt advanced pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to produce high purity nitrogen from air directly. It is one pure physical separation method to get nitrogen that doesn’t have any risk to instrument. In laboratories, nitrogen gas is used to control the atmosphere for highly sensitive equipment and procedures. Nitrogen gas is applied to control oxygen levels, humidity, and temperature in lab equipment including cell incubators, IVF incubators, dry boxes, glove boxes, and mass spectrometers.


Lab applications often require large amounts of nitrogen gas to maintain the correct atmosphere, or supply necessary nitrogen for experimental equipment and instruments. CanGas® onsite nitrogen generator producing steady nitrogen gas via simple PSA or membrane technology, is an ideal choice compared with high pressure nitrogen cylinders or tanks of liquid nitrogen that require delivery, storage, and handling of hazardous cylinders.


CanGas® onsite nitrogen generators are specifically for the use to lab equipment in order to reduce any risk of running out of gas at a potentially critical point, as well as to supply a steady stream of high purity nitrogen gas on-demand at the point of process and make cost-saving for lab.


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