Metal and Heat Treatment

2185827418.pngNitrogen generator application in Metallurgy, Metal processing


As annealing protective gas, sintering protective gas, nitride treatment, washing furnace and purging gas, nitrogen is widely used in metal heat treatment, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, copper processing, wire mesh, galvanizing wire, semiconductor, powder reduction and other fields. Some of these industries require nitrogen with purity ≥99.5%, while others require high quality nitrogen with purity ≥99.9995% and dew point below -65 °C.


Metal production and processing: manufacturing steel, iron, copper, aluminum products annealing, carbonization, high temperature furnace protection, low temperature assembly of metal parts and plasma cutting. Metal heat treatment requires protective gas and safety gas for industrial furnaces during heat treatment processes, such as bright annealing and bright quenching to prevent oxidation of products.


Nitrogen is a good source for heat treatment such as bright quenching, bright annealing, nitride, nitrocarburizing, soft carbonization, welding, and protective gas during powder metallurgy sintering.


Metal heat treatment: alloy steel, high carbon steel annealing protection atmosphere, metal powder sintering protection atmosphere, nitride treatment, washing furnace and purging gas, etc., and the high quality nitrogen gas are produced by CAN GAS System. The purity is greater than 99.9995% with dew point below -65 °C.


Heat treatment in a nitrogen-based atmosphere with a basic nitrogen content is a new technology and process for energy-saving, safety, avoiding environmental pollution and full utilization of natural resources. It has been shown that almost all heat treatment processes, including quenching, annealing, carburizing, carbonitriding, soft nitride and carbon re-carbonation, can be carried out using a nitrogen-based atmosphere, and the metal parts treated can be same as the traditional endothermic atmosphere treatment.


Aluminum processing industry: Aluminum products, aluminum profile processing, aluminum thin rolling and other gas protection.


Powder metallurgy: Powder sintering, nitrogen protection in the sintering of magnetic materials.


Synthetic fiber:  Nitrogen-filled pressed material, drawing anti-oxidation.


Nitrogen-filled lead-free soldering: used for reflow oven and wave soldering.


Metallurgical industry: Continuous casting, continuous rolling, steel annealing protective gas; converter top and bottom compound blowing nitrogen steel, converter steelmaking sealing, blast furnace top sealing, blast furnace ironmaking pulverized coal injection gas.


Metal deep processing: nitrogen in steel is mainly used as a protective gas. For example, rolling steel, galvanizing, chrome plating, continuous casting, etc., nitrogen gas is used as a shielding gas, and the purity of nitrogen is required to be 99.99% or more. CAN GAS System constant gas is provided for this purpose. With a gas solution, the purity of nitrogen can reach 99.9995%.


The medium and high voltage cable generation: The process inert gas cross-linking is performed by using nitrogen gas. The polyethylene insulating material with the peroxy compound cross-linking agent is used to complete the extrusion of the conductor shielding layer through the three-layer co-extrusion-insulation layer-insulation shielding layer. Thereafter, the cross-linking process is completed continuously and uniformly through a sealed cross-linking tube filled with high-temperature, high-pressure nitrogen. The heat transfer medium is nitrogen (inert gas), and the cross-linked polyethylene has excellent electrical performance and the production range can reach 500KV.


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