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Oxygen used in Medical & Home Care.pngOxygen is essential to support life in medical services. Medical oxygen is not only a MUST but also the most important facility in all kinds of medical services - hospital, clinic, mobile hospital/clinic, combat hospital, home care... There are national, regional & international medical standards on medical oxygen purity, and typically the requirement on medical oxygen is 93% which is dangerous for direct respiration and will be diluted & humidified to terminals for breathing by patients. There is also a complete set of directives & calculations for the required oxygen flow according to size and scale of hospital.


As it requires 7*24 uninterrupted oxygen supply, dual or multiple oxygen production line is required to have at least one line standby. Out of safety purpose, a cylinder oxygen backup system in parallel with the oxygen production lines is required too.


CanGas® hospital oxygen system, an on site oxygen generation system, is specially designed for hospital & medical services oxygen supply. The system will end your expensive reliance on traditional bulk liquid oxygen supply or cylinder oxygen supply without compromise on safety and reliability. It consists of air compressor, air dryer, air filters, PSA oxygen generator, oxygen monitoring system and oxygen back up system. Reliable and safe CanGas® oxygen system is designed and fabricated stringently in accordance with relative industry standards ISO 10083: 1982. The product oxygen meets requirements of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) for medical breath oxygen at the purity of 93±3% and meets specific needs of hospitals as well. Continuous oxygen monitoring system ensures that the medical oxygen purity and flow accord with standards and settings. Fully automatic control, turnkey, low maintenance, optional DCS or mobile phone remote control, most importantly CAN GAS professional experienced engineering & service teams serve you 7*24 and can be dispatched to your site in 48 hours, which will remove all your worries about installation, startup, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

CanGas® medical system wins good reputation from the customers in China Mainland, Kazakhstan, USA, Angola, Myanmar, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. In China over 200 hospitals are using CanGas® medical oxygen generators, including Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Hospital (1,480 beds, 160Nm3/h Oxygen supply), Beijing Food Monitoring Centre, Blood Disease Study Centre of China Medical University etc. And tens of hospitals abroad are using CanGas® oxygen generators including Angola KILAMBA KIAXI Hospital, Kazakhstan Almaty/Uralsk Children’s Hospitals, Myanmar Royal Rose Hospital and Palace Hospital, etc.


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